Mars Rover Celebration


How many children can be on a team? Can there be just one? Can there be more than 6?

We do not recommend that children participate by themselves in Mars Rover. However, it is permitted. We have had models by one child win their category. We have found that three to four students is an ideal team size.

What if one member of the team is ill or has a conflict on the day of the event; can the team still come?


Does the cost sheet need to include everything they used…even if it was a found object?

Found objects should be listed at a cost of $0.

Is a trifold display or diorama required?


Are skits required? Are costumes a required part of the skit?

Skits are a required part of the judging process and will be evaluated on clarity, preparation, and coherence of presentation. Costumes are allowed BUT not required or considered as part of the evaluation process.

Are batteries allowed?

Only for radio controlled models that are entered in the RC model category.

You can now purchase actual robot CPU’s for less than $25. Can we use them?


What if we can’t find any of the specific recommended starting RC cars? What do we do?

Anything in the 1:15 to1:20 size range that is under $25 is acceptable.

Are there any forms that need to be signed by a student’s parent or guardian?

The UH STEM Center has a media release form that needs a parent signature. Parents are NOT required to complete the media release form, but it is preferred.

What do judges actually do?

Judges view and score models and skits according to detailed criteria. Each judge will spend 15 minutes per model and judge 4 models.

Does judging require prior knowledge of the Mars Rover program or just a keen eye on details to the prescribed rules?

Judges do not need prior knowledge of the Mars Rover program, but do need to attend the judge training and have an eye for detail.

I want to help, but I am not a STEM/robotics person. Can I still volunteer as a judge?


Do I need to be a student or affiliated with U of H to be a volunteer?

No — the whole community is invited to volunteer.